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Electric Motor of the Standard PAKITA Siren Series


• The electrical motor of the standard PAKITA siren series is made of cast-iron frame, cast-iron front and a rear-end shields. This motor is particularly fit for the mounting of the siren’s head.


• The motor is protected against dusts and water. It is designed for intermittent periodic duty.


• Windings are class F.


• Rolling bearings are sealed and lifetime lubricated.


• The motor rotor is dynamically balanced.


• Motor rotating speed is 2900 RPM.


• Motor is powered by alternating current, coupling of 220/380 Volts at 50 Hz. (For 60Hz, contact us).


Our Specialized Electric Motors:


ATEX Motors

Single-phase Motors 

PAKITA Electromechanical warning sirens to alert and protect people to natural, technologic or nuclear risks, weather disasters, floodings, tornadoes, fires, explosions, terrorism, terrorist attacks. Civilian protection, civil defense, Home land defense, curfews, Seveso disasters, Moteurs FOX, France/USA.

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